Style guide

Ready to choose your banner-banner ad graphic?

Let us give a guide how you will procced to make it for you easy!


How to design your web ad banner ?


  • Choose an ad banner template. Remember you don’t need to choose a template according to its title. The are hust samples to have an idea about the final graphic. Just choose that you bellieve that suits better to your needs.
  • Purchase it
  • Very soon a designer will come in contact with you and he will ask 4 things

1. Your one or two prefered colors
2. Your text message
3. To upload your image
4. The banner size

  • According to your needs, choose the right banner size. You can find a visual guide here: Guide for Banner Sizes
  • After you submit your data, in the next 4 hours your new banner shall have created and it will be sent to you in your email account.


Isn’t it?